Graduation Guidelines:

RHSA is taking applications for seniors graduating in May.  The deadline to apply is October 31, 2020.   RHSA requires a minimum of 3 graduates to have a graduation ceremony.  If the minimum is not met by October 31, graduation will be cancelled.  The graduation ceremony is organized and lead by the parents of the graduates.

Please carefully read the RHSA graduation information on this page before applying for graduation.  The parents of the RHSA graduates create a traditional ceremony for our graduates, their families, and guests to enjoy.  Those who choose to graduate with RHSA will need to agree to the graduation code of conduct and follow the steps to apply to graduate in May of the school year.

After you have considered these guidelines and would like to graduate with RHSA, please print and fill out the Application for Graduation, Graduation Code of Conduct, and the Parent Commitment forms and mail them to the address provided or bring them to RHSA Committee on Tuesdays. 

Students must apply by October 31, 2020. All students graduating with RHSA must be an active member of RHSA or apply for a limited non-member spot.  There are a limited number of spots for non-member graduates at an additional cost.  Parents are required to commit to a volunteer role for graduation.  Information about parent commitment is located below.


There is a non-refundable graduation fee of $200 due by October 31, 2020.  (This fee is returned only if graduation is cancelled.) This fee helps cover the cost of graduation location fee, speaker fee, ceremony, reception, DVD of ceremony.  This is an approximate fee and may fluctuate depending on graduation size.  Students will order and pay for their own cap, tassel, gown, and diploma via agreed upon vendor.  This is ordered through a discount site.  RHSA graduation colors are a black gown and blue and silver tassel. 

Graduation fees do not include cap, tassel, gown, diploma, stoles, honor cords, senior pictures, yearbook, invitations, or announcements.

RHSA requires a minimum of 3 graduates to have a graduation ceremony.  If this minimum is not met by October 31,2020 graduation will be cancelled.  Families will be notified on November 1st and their graduation deposit returned.  Graduation is for RHSA member families, however, there are a limited number of spots for non-member graduates.  There is an additional graduation fee of $100 for non-member graduates.


There are 3 mandatory meetings you will be required to attend.  (Fall, Spring, and May.) These are in addition to the rehearsal and the actual graduation. Graduate and parents must attend the rehearsal.  Early planning meetings may start in the summer if enough students are registered to graduate. 

The date of graduation is usually the Saturday after the last class at the RHSA teaching co-op.  The location changes from year to year.  The families of the graduating class determine details. Graduation includes a guest speaker, a picture slideshow, and parents presenting their student with a diploma.  Pictures for the slideshow are due by February 1.  The length of the graduation ceremony depends on the number of students graduating.

Each senior will have a display table on which they will display memorabilia from hobbies, school, family, or their future endeavors.  More information about senior tables is below.

Specifics of graduation:

  • Graduate and parents must attend rehearsal.
  • No flip flops, shorts, or inappropriate clothing is to be worn by the graduates at the ceremony, even if they keep their gown on. 
  • Senior memorabilia tables are decorated prior to ceremony.
  • Be on time!
  • Group pictures of the graduates in their cap and gowns.
  • Graduates all enter to Pomp and Circumstance.
  • Background music during the slideshow is all the same and is instrumental.
  • Graduation colors for RHSA are a shiny black gown and blue and silver tassel. 
  • Decorated caps may not be worn during the ceremony but a second cap may be purchased for decorating to be worn outside of the ceremony. 
  • Graduates will choose their exit song.  This will be done by a vote at one of the meetings with each student suggesting up to 2 songs.  The song must pass the RHSA code for language and content.
  • Short reception after ceremony.
  • Families pack up memorabilia tables and help ensure facility is as we entered.

Parent graduation commitment responsibilities:

It is mandatory that at least one parent from each family sign-up to help with the preparations needed to organize graduation.  These positions will be filled by sign-up at the first meeting.  Some of the positions needed will be graduation lead, program coordinator, multi-media coordinator (slide show & music), reception coordinator, and facilities coordinator.  Depending on the number of graduates, some positions may need to be combined. 

Senior memorabilia tables:

Graduates will have a table (size to be determined) at the graduation facility to display items about themselves.  NO glitter, balloons or music playing at the tables.  Your decorations could be interests, hobbies, pictures, awards, accomplishments.  Graduate will provide their own tablecloths and all decorations for their table.  When thinking through your table design, keep in mind there may not be a lot of time for setup.  You will want to plan for easy take down as well. Be cautious of items that could fall on the floor and get damaged.

Graduates in the past have used sports equipment, trophies, ribbons, artwork, instruments, photos, dance shoes, hobby items, scouting awards, college swag where they are attending, guest book for others to sign in, journals for friends and family to leave comments.  These are just some ideas but be creative!

Forms and Payment Information

Please fill out and sign the RHSA Graduation Application, RHSA Graduation Parent Commitment Form, Graduation Code of Conduct , and RHSA Graduation Activities Waiver and have them turned in by October 31 along with the $200 graduation fee. All graduation fees are non-refundable unless graduation is cancelled.  If your family is not currently a member of RHSA, please include the additional non-member fee of $100 or register for our teaching co-op.

Make checks payable to RHSA Graduation and drop it off, along with the required forms, at the committee tables.
Non-RHSA members, please email the RHSA President at for the current address to mail your application.