Please use the contact form below if you have any general questions or requests about RHSA.  We do not answer inquiries during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks as we are closed.   Partial months of the summer we are closed as well.  

We will try our best to respond back to you within a week.  Please be patient for replies.  We are all volunteer homeschooling parents.  





Classes for the Teaching Co-op are held near Campbell and Preston at Preston Highlands Baptist Church. 17463 Davenport Rd, Dallas, Tx 75252.   Appointments are required for visits.

Our mailing address is listed below.  Please do not mail graduation or registration documents to our PO Box.  This is for general inquiries only.  The PO Box is only checked once a month.  Please contact the President or Registrar for an address to mail graduation or registration documents.  

PO Box 831991 Richardson, TX 75083