Richardson Home School Association exists to provide support and encouragement to families who are educating and training their children at home. RHSA promotes home schooling through Biblical Principles.

 RHSA Membership is a privilege and available to any family regardless of their race, religion, or other such uniqueness or preferences.  However, the RHSA Board reserves the right to accept or deny membership to any family for any reason as it may deem necessary.

All leaders in RHSA are approved by the RHSA Board.  These leaders are Christians who have agreed to lead and manage their respective RHSA activity according to Christian principles and to support and reinforce the complete RHSA Statement of Faith.

All families are required and expected to read and completely support the RHSA Code of Conduct and Organization. These Codes outline the kinds of behavior and attitudes expected of families while involved in RHSA activities – regardless of their individual beliefs or background. If any family or family member chooses to not abide by these Codes, the RHSA Board may decide, at its sole discretion, to revoke the membership of such family. Revoking of membership would occur only after all attempts to reconcile the issues with the family, according to Biblical guidelines, have not been successful.

Benefits of Membership:

RHSA Fellowship

Your membership allows you to become part of a close fellowship of families who support and encourage one another in their conviction to homeschool their children. 

RHSA Sponsored Activities and Groups

You will have the privilege of participating in any and all RHSA sponsored activities and groups, including our teaching co-op, field trips, scouts, and more.

RHSA Field Trips

These field trips provide educational enrichment and discussion opportunities as well as fellowship. You will be notified about upcoming field trips through e-mail.

RHSA Website & Email Alerts

Our website and eBlasts provides information about a wide variety of activities and events in all areas of RHSA and throughout the metroplex. 

RHSA Teaching Co-Op

This program is provided to supplement your children’s education. Parents are the primary educators, we are merely here to assist you in your efforts.

RHSA Scout Troops

Boy Scout Troop 437 and Cub Scout Pack 437 are very active groups. They give our boys an opportunity to enjoy the many activities and benefits of scouting with other homeschooled children.

RHSA Chess Club

We believe in cultivating sharp minds trained in logical, strategic thinking. 

Discounted Access to the HSLDA and THSC

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms.  Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) has been working since 1986 to secure and maintain the liberties of Texas families through advocacy and service, as well as influencing the political processes that determine law and policy relative to home schooling families and parental rights in Texas.


Walking across the stage in front of your peers, family, and loved ones should be a memorable time. Families work together to coordinate an official graduation ceremony for our home schooled students.

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member is as simple as:

  1. Print out the teaching co-op registration packet.
  2. Completely fill out the appropriate forms.
  3. Read the RHSA Statement of Faith. RHSA membership does not require that you agree to the Statement of Faith, but we do require that you agree that you are aware that all RHSA activities are based on conservative Christian principles and guidelines as determined from the Bible. All RHSA Leaders are required to agree to and support the RHSA Statement of Faith.
  4. Read and agree to the RHSA Code of Conduct and Organizationby signing the Membership Application Form.
  5. Bring your completed and signed teaching co-op registration packet forms along with checks for the appropriate amount as required to one of our public events – New Family Registration or Open House/Meet the Teacher.  If you cannot attend the public events, please contact the registrar to set up an appointment or to obtain the address to mail your packet.  If you need to register or have questions, please contact our Registrar.

Registration Forms

The registration packet can be found on our home page.